Hey, That’s Me!!!

Talk about a blast from the past. My fellow Glassmen alum Chad Clum had uploaded a video he had recorded from the 1992 Glassmen’s December rehearsal/audition camp. Take a look at the guy in the center of the picture. Yeah, that’s 17 year old me, still in high school, with only three prior drum corps… Continue reading Hey, That’s Me!!!

Book Review: Await Your Reply By Dan Chaon

2021 Reading Challenge #1 Fiction Recommended by Cleveland Scene – 40 Books Every Clevelander Should Read Start Date – January 4th End Date – January 9th When I started my reading challenge last year, I had also planned to write reviews of each book I read. Unfortunately, I didn’t write a single review. It’s a… Continue reading Book Review: Await Your Reply By Dan Chaon

Little T’s Big Interviews

I’ve been a podcast listener pretty much since podcasts became a thing over 15 years ago. What’s more, I’m also a recovering podcaster, myself, as a former host of the Drum Corps Planet Box Center podcast for many years. It was a very pleasant surprise when I recently discovered that my niece, Tess Eggeson, not… Continue reading Little T’s Big Interviews

2021 Goal: Read 52 Books In A Year

In 2019, I set myself the goal of reading 52 books, averaging a book a week. This coincided with getting a Kobo Aura HD ebook reader for Christmas, which connects to my local library and allows me to check out books to read directly on the device. While I did not hit my goal, I… Continue reading 2021 Goal: Read 52 Books In A Year