Contact Your Congresspeople: For The People Act (H.R. 1/S. 1)

This is my first outreach to my Congressional representatives since President Biden took office. I do not want to let up now that Trump is out. We still have the GOP and all of it’s reactionary right-wing ideals to fight against.

One way to fight the GOP is the fight to remove one of largest tools in their chest – voter suppression. Between Citizens’ United, gerrymandering, various voter ID laws, removal of polling locations, the destruction of the Postal Service, and straight up voter intimidation, it’s telling that America was still able to vote Trump out of office. The problem was that it way too easy for Republicans to get to that point.

This is why we need to pass the For The People Act. If this act passes Congress and is signed into law, we get:

  • Automatic voter registration
  • Prohibitions on voter role purging
  • Prohibitions on federal partisan gerrymandering
  • Improved election security
  • Presidential candidates required to disclose the last 10 years of tax returns
  • Prohibits members of Congress from using tax dollars to settle sexual harassment cases
  • Forces Super PACs to disclose their donors
  • Requires government contractors to disclose political spending
  • Prohibits candidates and Super PAC coordination

As I mentioned in my 2021 Goal article, I am using both 5 Calls and Resistbot to reach out to my representatives. 5 Calls also provides a great script for calling, which I am also adapting for my letter to my representatives:

Hi, my name is [NAME], and I’m a constituent from Medina.

I’m calling to express my support for [House: H.R. 1/Senate: S. 1], the For the People Act and urge Rep. Anthony Gonzalez to work to swiftly pass this legislation. Addressing corruption, protecting voting rights, and reforming campaign finance should be bipartisan priorities to make our democracy better for all Americans, regardless of their political affiliation.

Thank you for your time and attention.

I have called Congressman Anthony Gonzalez, Senator Sherrod Brown, and Senator Rob Portman via the 5 Calls app. Resistbot has also sent my letter to all three Congresspeople.

Have you reached out to your representatives? If so, what issues concern you?


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