Twitch Hack – What You Need To Know

On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, the website Video Game Chronicle reported a massive 125 GB data dump was dropped on 4chan. Twitch has confirmed that the leak is legitimate. The breadth of data which was leaked includes user data, passwords, and even code history and code of unreleased services. TWiT Network’s This Week In Google discussed the hack on their 2021-10-06 episode “It’s No Sudoku”.

Another TWiT show, Tech News Weekly, went into more detail as to what was leaked on their 2021-10-07 episode “Backup Therapy”.

While the passwords in the data dump were encrypted, Twitch users should reset their account passwords as soon as possible. Twitch also offers Two Factor Authentication services, which Twitch users should activate and configure on their account as well for an extra layer of security. Twitch has a page dedicated to walking users who suspect their account is hacked through what they can do to protect their account. Even if you don’t make money on Twitch, I recommend you follow those steps, ESPECIALLY if you use your Twitch password on other sites (also, don’t do that).


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