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  • Friday Playlist – Topol Edition

    In honor of Chaim Topol’s passing, today’s playlist is inspired by the movie’s I’ve seen him in. Fiddler on the Roof original motion picture soundtrack 1992 Santa Clara Vanguard Flash Gordon original motion picture soundtrack 2002 Kiwanis Kavaliers For Your Eyes Only original motion picture soundtrack 1986 Velvet Knights

  • Hey, That’s Me!!!

    Talk about a blast from the past. My fellow Glassmen alum Chad Clum had uploaded a video he had recorded from the 1992 Glassmen’s December rehearsal/audition camp. Take a look at the guy in the center of the picture. Yeah, that’s 17 year old me, still in high school, with only three prior drum corps […]

  • Drum Corps Memories – 1992

    Drum Corps Memories – 1992

    1992 was my first year on tour with a drum corps, my rookie year with Glassmen. I had tried out for Bluecoats the previous season, but I only lasted three camps before the ax fell and found me on the outside looking in. Some of my memories: My first drum corps parade in Appleton, Wisconsin, […]