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  • Marching Monday – 2023 Drum Corps Schedule UPDATED

    Marching Monday – 2023 Drum Corps Schedule UPDATED

    The temperatures are rising, the sun is out longer, baseball season is underway, and the 2023 drum corps show schedules are out! While the North American season itself remains shorter than usual, starting on June 28th and finishing Labor Day weekend, it feels like I’ll be able to attend and watch more shows than every […]

  • Today’s DCA (@dcacorps) Fit

    Today’s DCA (@dcacorps) Fit

    Bloo Alumni shirt for the Alumni Spectacular at 10. Hawaiian shirt for Finals at 5. Fran Haring always wore the LOUDEST Hawaiian shirt possible when he announced Finals. I’m just following tradition. Press pass because that’s what I do. Mask because we’re still in a pandemic.

  • DCP LIVE From The Stands! At 2022 DCA Championships

    DCP LIVE From The Stands! At 2022 DCA Championships

    Drum Corps Planet is BACK in Rochester, New York, for the close of the 2022 North America competitive drum corps season! DCP LIVE From The Stands! At 2022 DCA Championships

  • September 2021 (Part 2) Drum Corps World Issue Released

    There was so much drum corps to review, Drum Corps World released TWO September issues! This issue dropped today and includes my final review of the 2021 drum corps season, the Drum Corps Associates VIRTUAL World Championships. My DCA Championships review – https://www.drumcorpsworld.com/publications/2021/september-part2/#page=3 The full September (Part 2) issue – https://www.drumcorpsworld.com/publications/2021/september-part2/#page=1 Subscribe to Drum Corps […]

  • September 2021 Drum Corps World Issue Released

    The September 2021 issue of Drum Corps World is now available for your reading pleasure. This issue was a busy one for me as I have two show reviews published in its pages. The first is actually for the final DCI Celebration show on Saturday in Indianapolis during the Celebration weekend. https://drumcorpsworld.com/publications/2021/september/#page=28 My second article […]

  • Hey, That’s Me!!! – 2001 Presidential Inaugural Parade Edition

    I recently stumbled across and shared a video from when I was a drum corps rookie, attending my first Glassmen audition camp for the 1992 season. It seems doubly appropriate, then, that I now share another video of me in drum corps, this time from January of 2001 with the Empire Statesmen. We were months […]


    Nice to see some Cadets 2 love!