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  • DCP LIVE From The Stands! At 2022 DCA Championships

    DCP LIVE From The Stands! At 2022 DCA Championships

    Drum Corps Planet is BACK in Rochester, New York, for the close of the 2022 North America competitive drum corps season! DCP LIVE From The Stands! At 2022 DCA Championships

  • My Marching Arts Media Coverage Gear

    After yesterday’s power debacle… My camera battery ran out after @SpiritofAtlanta. I switched to my iPhone, which made it all the way through @TheCavaliers. I had to take shots of @Bluecoats with my iPad. Charging A LOT of batteries tonight.#DCI2021 — Kevin Gamin (@kevingamin) August 14, 2021 …I intend to be much more prepared for […]

  • My 2021 DCI Celebration Saturday Plans

    My DCI Celebration plans for today: Today’s show starts at 2 PM. I plan to be at Lucas Oil Stadium when the gates open at 12:30 PM. If you’ll be at the show today, please feel free to say hello if you see me. I’ll have my black Glassmen polo on today. During the show, […]

  • Little T’s Big Interviews

    Little T’s Big Interviews

    I’ve been a podcast listener pretty much since podcasts became a thing over 15 years ago. What’s more, I’m also a recovering podcaster, myself, as a former host of the Drum Corps Planet Box Center podcast for many years. It was a very pleasant surprise when I recently discovered that my niece, Tess Eggeson, not […]

  • Throwback Thursday – I Did Not Know Bill Cook

    Drum Corps Planet user njthundrrd recently posted a thread in the site’s discussion forums linking Bill Cook’s 2011 obituary and asking for other users’ stories about Bill Cook. This reminded me of the time I actually met Mr. Cook shortly before his passing. I am reposting my article as a little Throwback Thursday look back […]