New Zealand Girl Reacts to BLUE DEVILS 2018 – Dreams and Nighthawks – VIDEO

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a DCI reaction video from Courtney Coulston, AKA New Zealand Girl. I particularly enjoyed this one because of how into the performance she was.

Phantom Regiment 2021 (official edit and authorized release)

The crowd was cheering for Phantom on Saturday of DCI Celebration week from the moment they appeared in the tunnel through their entire performance. I’m so glad the corps released this video of that performance. SUTA!

August 2021 Drum Corps World Issue Released

Yes, I’m doing this backwards, but the August 2021 issue of Drum Corps World is now available for your reading pleasure. I only have one show review in this issue, the LaCrosse, Wisconsin, DCI show on July 30th. You can read the full August issue here. Finally, you can sign up via your… Continue reading August 2021 Drum Corps World Issue Released