VIDEO: Bloo22 Bloopit – Riffs & Revelations 8-12-22

This amazing performance of the Bluecoats front ensemble allows us to see just how they, along with the Bloo Bangers, were able to win the organization’s first Fred Sanford award for Best Percussion at DCI this past season. It also gives us a chance to hear some of what they performed which we may not… Continue reading VIDEO: Bloo22 Bloopit – Riffs & Revelations 8-12-22

I Am A Bluecoat

To my Bluecoats family. I can say that now. My Bluecoats family. This is something I thought I’d never say. It feels wonderful. For some perspective, I was in the Bluecoats Alumni Corps which performed at DCI Semifinals. I had never previously marched with the Bluecoats. I did try out for the corps in 1991,… Continue reading I Am A Bluecoat