2015 WGI – The Proposal

Six years ago, I went to my first Winter Guard International Indoor Percussion Finals. It was a spur of the moment decision to go, and I was fortunate to get a seat right on the center line of the performance floor, way up on the top row. On top of the incredible performances, I was… Continue reading 2015 WGI – The Proposal

Racism In Drum Corps

Yesterday, the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps, a World Class member and former champion of Drum Corps International, released a statement announcing that the organization was adopting an anti-racism policy. As far as I know, this is the first policy of its kind in the drum corps activity, and one which is incredibly important as… Continue reading Racism In Drum Corps

Hey, That’s Me!!! – 2001 Presidential Inaugural Parade Edition

I recently stumbled across and shared a video from when I was a drum corps rookie, attending my first Glassmen audition camp for the 1992 season. It seems doubly appropriate, then, that I now share another video of me in drum corps, this time from January of 2001 with the Empire Statesmen. We were months… Continue reading Hey, That’s Me!!! – 2001 Presidential Inaugural Parade Edition

Hey, That’s Me!!!

Talk about a blast from the past. My fellow Glassmen alum Chad Clum had uploaded a video he had recorded from the 1992 Glassmen’s December rehearsal/audition camp. Take a look at the guy in the center of the picture. Yeah, that’s 17 year old me, still in high school, with only three prior drum corps… Continue reading Hey, That’s Me!!!