#throwbackthursday 2018-06-15 Cleveland Indians vs. Minnesota Twins

A Minnesota Twins pitcher winds up to pitch to a Cleveland Indians batter during a 2018 game at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio.

As the winds blow and snow falls during a cold November evening, I’d like to throw things back to summer and baseball. Here’s a photo I took during a June 2018 game between Minnesota and Cleveland. I miss taking photos like these at Major League Baseball games, but MLB has since restricted the camera lens… Continue reading #throwbackthursday 2018-06-15 Cleveland Indians vs. Minnesota Twins

VIDEO – @Bluecoats 50th Anniversary Alumni Corps – Alternate Angles – #TBT

It’s hard to believe that we performed in Lucas Oil Stadium at DCI Semifinals over two months ago. Today, the Bluecoats Alumni YouTube channel posted a video compiled from footage from the FloMarching broadcast, fan cams, and member cams. This is a great way to relive an incredible night in Indianapolis.

#TBT Bluecoats Alumni Corps 4th Of July Performance

As I’m between performances with Bloo Alumni, I thought it would be fun to look back at our 4th of July performance at the William McKinnley monument in Canton, Ohio. We performed selections from our field show, as well as selections with the competitive corps. This first video features the first two parts of our… Continue reading #TBT Bluecoats Alumni Corps 4th Of July Performance

Throwback Thursday – 2019 Ridgeview STEM Jr. Guard

A member of the 2019 Ridgeview STEM Junior High color guard performing at the Ohio Indoor Performance Association state championships in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Check out the rest of Ridgeview’s photos from their performance on my Flickr account. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmWukBk4 All of my 2019 OIPA State Championships photos are located on my Smugmug account.

Throwback Thursday: A day in the life of DCI with Crossmen

I always enjoy news clips about drum corps because they help bring awareness to the activity. This one from 2017, however, is especially effective as it lets the members of the Crossmen tell their story, with no news anchor or reporter speaking at all.

Throwback Thursday – I Did Not Know Bill Cook

Drum Corps Planet user njthundrrd recently posted a thread in the site’s discussion forums linking Bill Cook’s 2011 obituary and asking for other users’ stories about Bill Cook. This reminded me of the time I actually met Mr. Cook shortly before his passing. I am reposting my article as a little Throwback Thursday look back… Continue reading Throwback Thursday – I Did Not Know Bill Cook