2020 Goal: Read 52 Books

One book a week. That shouldn’t be hard to do, right?

Well, it turns out it’s harder than I thought. Last year, I did my first GoodReads Reading Challenge with that goal – 52 books in 52 weeks. I started off well, but slacked off during the second half of the year. My final count? 38 books read. Still, not a bad number and probably the most I’ve read in a single year for some time.

I still think I can pull it off, so one of my goals for 2020 is to read 52 books in 52 weeks. I am taking it a step further this year, however, and focusing on reading the following types of books each month:

  • One fiction book
  • One non-fiction book
  • One graphic novel
  • One work related book
  • One audiobook

Aiming for five books each month with that kind of variety should help me meet my goal with time to spare and keep me interested in reading throughout the year.

I also hope to write reviews of what I read. This is something I started last year but I didn’t make a habit of it, which led to only a few reviews at the start of the year.

Are you on GoodReads and/or have a reading goal of your own for 2020? Follow my GoodReads profile and let me know or just drop a comment below!






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