Home Office Makeover Part Two – Alex Drawer Unit

Now that I had the desk and drawer unit I wanted from IKEA, it was time to put it together. Tyrion, as you can see, was eager to assist.

We’ve got to find a way to make this…
…into this…
…using nothing but that.

I ran into a slight problem, however. While trying to install the guides for the bottom file drawer, I managed to pop out the screw I had, well, screwed into place. The problem is the screw also pried out a decent amount of pressboard around the screw hole. This now meant I had no way to screw that guide into place.

Good thing there’s wood putty epoxy!

Once I fixed the damage, I was able to finish Alex part one. This also gave me a place to put our printer, which is good since that was currently residing on the file cabinet I wanted to get rid of and replace with the drawer unit.

This also serves as a place for me to store my Mjolnir tool set (see the handle behind the printer?)

Next step – The Alex desk.





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