Home Office Makeover Part One – IKEA!!!

Ever since we moved into our house back in 2007, I’ve used a roll top desk in the bedroom we repurposed as a home office. The desk was HUGE and, frankly, impractical. With the new year, I felt it was time to ditch that desk and put together a setup which was much more open, spacious, and friendly. There was only one place to go to make that happen:


First, I needed to pick the desk I would use. I wanted something which I could keep neat, with easy access to any power or other cabling needs, all while not overpowering the room like the roll top desk did. I found exactly what I wanted with the Alex.

My laptop is about the same size as the display one in the photo, so I would still have plenty of space to work with. What’s more, the cable management in the back would help hide any messy power or video cables I would need, plus the drawers would give me some storage. I would need more storage, however, as I also wanted to replace a junky and cheap file cabinet that was falling apart. Fortunately, the Alex line came through again.

The bottom drawer of this unit would handle all my files, while the other drawers would give me more than enough storage space for anything else I needed to stow away. Finally, the unit is large enough to accommodate our Brother multi function printer.

I picked up this Riggad desk lamp for two reasons:

  1. It uses a LED light for low power consumption
  2. The base is also a wireless charger

Finally, I grabbed this Koppla wall adapter to increase the wall outlets where the desk will go. With the roll top desk, I had used a Monster power strip which was as monstrous as the desk it sat under. Now that the new desk would not block access to the wall outlet, this was a much more elegant solution to plugging in everything I needed.

Tomorrow, it will be time to break out the Allen wrenches!

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