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Out Of The Park Baseball 21 – 2020 COVID-19 Season

It was supposed to be opening day for the 2020 Major League Baseball season on Thursday, March 26. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the start of the season with no known time frame for when play could start. I’ve decided not to way, so, on Thursday, I purchased the latest version of Out Of The Park Baseball, one of the most robust and popular baseball simulation games available. Today is my first chance to create my 2020 COVID-19 season and begin play as my hometown team, the Cleveland Indians.

OOTP 21 Start Screen
Does anybody know how to fly this thing?

First step – Creating the new season.

OOTP 21 Challenge Mode
The LAST thing I need is a challenge

I’m definitely saying NO to Challenge Mode this time around.

OOTP 21 Select Leagues Screen
I also don’t want to deal with more than just the majors

I am impressed, however, with how much data this game must have to contain all of these leagues. If anybody has played with multiple leagues, I want to know.

OOTP 21 Manager Setup Screen
I like the idea of starting the season unemployed.

For this season, however, I am starting as planned with my team.

OOTP 21 Team Screen
All right, the season is set up. Let’s do this.

First game coming up soon. I’m already behind, after all.


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