July 2021 Boston Crusaders Mystery Box Reveal

It’s time to pop open the second of my Boston Crusaders mystery boxes. This box had the theme of the “ThrowBAC Box”, which covers much of the history of the corps. Let’s take a look!

July 2021 Boston Crusaders Mystery Box - OutsideJuly 2021 Boston Crusaders Mystery Box - Inside

The box and packaging was the same as the June mystery box.

1990 BAC Drumline Photo

Inside, however, we find a bounty of great items, starting with this photo of the 1990 Cru drumline, featuring Colin McNutt on tenors.

Boston Crusaders toiletry bag

This BAC toiletry bag will be useful on my upcoming vacation, but it’s what’s inside that’s the fun part.

Citation cord

A citation cord from the 2014-2015 corps uniform. I liked those uniforms as they featured the corps logo, Waldo, on the front.

Crusaders shield patch

Here’s an old school Crusaders shield patch. This would be good on a hat.

Boston Crusaders Zoom pin

From a more recent time in the Crusaders history, a pin from last year’s show, Zoom.

Most Precious Blood Crusaders keychain

Let’s take it back to the start of the Crusaders with a Most Precious Blood Crusaders keychain, featuring the first emblem of the corps.

Waldo socks

Who doesn’t love Waldo socks???

Boston Crusaders pin

My cat really loves this Boston Crusaders pin, especially how batable it is across the table and floor.

Boston Crusaders shield t-shirt

Adding to my drum corps t-shirt collection is this Crusaders shield shirt.

Most Precious Blood Crusaders pennant

I think Cru wants me to have a wall dedicated to them, what with this Most Precious Blood Crusaders pennant (in Cleveland Cavaliers wine and gold, no less).

Boston Crusaders show silk

It’s this incredible show silk, though, that begs for a wall to display on.

This was a pretty big haul, so I’m looking forward to what the next box holds.


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