New Zealand Girl Reacts to BLUE DEVILS 2018 – Dreams and Nighthawks – VIDEO

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a DCI reaction video from Courtney Coulston, AKA New Zealand Girl. I particularly enjoyed this one because of how into the performance she was.

Marching Arts Reaction Videos

As an alumnus and life long supporter of the marching arts, any time I see drum corps, marching band, color guard, indoor percussion, or indoor winds get some love and recognition outside of our tight knit community, I want to celebrate. Recently, reaction videos have become a major part of the YouTube world, and one… Continue reading Marching Arts Reaction Videos

Flashback Friday: Blue Devils Hater No More

The 2010 Drum Corps International World Championship audio recordings came up in my playlist this morning. This was the season where the Blue Devils won playing what may be the Stan Kenton Orchestra’s most polarizing music, City of Glass, as part of their championship show, Through A Glass Darkly. Admittedly, I wasn’t a fan of… Continue reading Flashback Friday: Blue Devils Hater No More