Phantom Regiment Mystery Bundle Reveal

Earlier this week, I opened up the first of the four drum corps mystery bundles I ordered from various organizations. If you missed it, you can check out my Boston Crusaders Mystery Bundle Reveal by clicking on the link. Now it is time for me to open up and reveal the second of those bundles.

In the Twitter poll I held, we had a tie for second as to which bundle I would open this time. Since we in drum corps hate ties, my wife, Rachel, gets to break this one with her vote. This is also appropriate as it involves one of the corps involved in the first tie for the DCI World Championship back in 1996, Phantom Regiment.

Phantom Regiment Mystery Box

As you can see, Phantom sent me a mystery BOX, which makes sense since this was the most expensive of the mystery bundles I participated in. I was looking forward to quite the haul once I opened this box up.

Tyrion in the box

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one excited or interested in this box…

Phantom Regiment Drawstring Bag

Almost everything in the box was in this drawstring bag, which is very useful both for personal and professional use. The other drawstring bags I’ve had have all given up the ghost some time ago, so getting a new one in this box was good timing.


As you can see, I now have almost every show patch since 2004. Here are the shows represented:

  • 2004 – Apassiando 874
  • 2006 – Faust
  • 2009 – The Red Violin
  • 2010 – Into The Light
  • 2011 – Juliet
  • 2013 – Triumphant Journey
  • 2014 – Swan Lake
  • 2015 – City Of Light
  • 2016 – Voice Of Promise
  • 2017 – Phantasm
  • 2019 – I Am Joan

I also have the 50th and 60th anniversary patches.

I think I am going to create a collage of these patches and frame it as part of my future Wall of Drum Corps.

My drum corps tour DVD collection also grew as I received the 2009 (The Red Violin) and 2014 (Swan Lake) DVDs. My Plex media collection continues to grow.

Another piece of flair to go on my lanyards! Speaking of which…

I hope Phantom doesn’t mind if I put my BAC Waldo pin on here as well.

For those cold winter days when I need to scrape off my windshield, this compact ice scraper is the perfect size. And, when I’m scraping off my windshield…

I now have this comfy Phantom Regiment ear warmer! What’s also nice is that I can wear my AirPods underneath this, so I can listen to Phantom while wearing Phantom while cleaning off my car windows with Phantom!

Meanwhile, once grilling season begins, I have this lovely spatula to use! I especially like the grip so I don’t drop the spatula.

When I have chips along with my burgers or hot dogs from the grill, this bag clip will come in handy to keep those chips fresh until the next time.

After the cookout when I’m at the show, they Etymotic Ety Plugs will protect my hearing. I’ve been meaning to get plugs for indoor and outdoor marching arts performances. Now I have a set.

I’m a brass player, but there’s no way Phantom would throw a baritone or euph on the mystery box. These official Phantom Regiment Innovative Percussion drum sticks are a more than acceptable substitute.

To keep my hands from getting sweaty when I’m playing snare (poorly) with those sticks, I now have a set of Phantom Regiment wrist bands, complete with chevron logo.

But, to be honest, my true calling is to stand on the podium, and now I can look official while waving my arms wildly with this Phantom Regiment baton. Now the corps can see my conducting pattern, especially how chaotic it is.

Finally, Phantom was thoughtful enough to provide me a way to open my remaining mystery bundles, as well as any other packages or letters I get in the mail.

Check back on my site later this week for the next mystery bundle reveal!


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