Little T’s Big Interviews

I’ve been a podcast listener pretty much since podcasts became a thing over 15 years ago. What’s more, I’m also a recovering podcaster, myself, as a former host of the Drum Corps Planet Box Center podcast for many years. It was a very pleasant surprise when I recently discovered that my niece, Tess Eggeson, not only had her own website but was also hosting her own podcast, Little T’s Big Interviews.

I’ve listened to Tess’ first interview with her School of Rock singing teacher, Mimi Mapes, and Tess hits it out of the park in her first at bat, both in terms of her interviewing skills and with her guest. Tess asks excellent questions of Mimi’s background and experience and keeps the interview moving at a great pace. Mimi, who is a multi-platinum award winning recording artist who has performed with the likes of Henry Lee Summer, John Mellencamp, and others, has many stories and fun facts to share, including how Bob Dylan, a friend of her family, would just drop by and visit when she was growing up.

Of course, I am biased when it comes to my niece (who wouldn’t be?), but Tess “Little T” Eggeson has a great podcast which I definitely recommend for your listening pleasure.

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