2021 Goal: Digital Bullet Journal…Or Not – Switching To Analog

Back at the beginning of 2021, I made one of my goals for the year to go fully digital with my bullet journaling. For almost four months, I’ve managed to do so, using my 2018 iPad Pro, my 2020 iPad, the Apple Pencil (1st and 2nd generation), and the apps Goodnotes and Notability. While I’ve managed to keep up with the journaling process, I’ve felt the pull to go back to a physical journal instead of digital. Some of the reasons for this:

  • You’ll notice I listed TWO iPads. That’s right, I bought a second iPad to use while at work. This really doesn’t make sense the more I think about it, especially since I had to buy a second Apple Pencil as well. I find I am ONLY using that iPad for bullet journaling, which is a very expensive journal to carry around.
  • While I could continue with my digital bullet journal on my iPad Pro, I don’t want to bring it to work every day, especially as since I no longer work from home. My job provides me with most of what I need, so carrying another expensive piece of technology doesn’t make sense.
  • The profile of a physical journal is much smaller than either iPad I use. It is much easier to carry with me as a result, plus it takes up less space on a desk or table.
  • My writing is much better with a pen and paper as opposed to a tablet and stylus, even with a paperlike screen protector.

Bullet Journal

With those in mind, I have purchased a physical bullet journal and have begun the process to transition from digital to analog.

The bullet journal I am using is the official bullet journal from Leuchtturm1917. I prefer this journal because of its size (A5). I also like how the pages are dotted instead of lined, which keeps my writing somewhat organized and neat (doctors think I write sloppy). Finally, since this is the official journal, there is already an Index and Future Log and the pages are numbered.

One of the first steps in preparing my bullet journal for use is breaking it in without breaking the spine of the journal. The official Bullet Journal website has a great article and video for this process here.

I am now working on transferring my Future Log and the last week of April to my physical bullet journal. This week will serve as a transition week so I can start May fully analog.


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