My Laptop Is Stickerized!

Thanks to all the drum corps mystery boxes and bags I bought during the pandemic, I’ve amassed quite the collection of stickers. Unfortunately, I haven’t really had anywhere to stick them….until now.

Along with stickers from the Boston Crusaders, the Blue Stars, and Intermission, I also have a couple stickers from Potterless, a great podcast about Harry Potter.

I quickly found out that I won’t be putting any Blue Stars stickers on my laptop as what I had were Blue Stars decals. I’ll find another use for those later.

The top of my laptop gets the largest of the stickers, with Potterless and BAC getting the most real estate.

On the bottom, I had less space to work with, but I still managed to find a place for another Boston sticker, as well as the Potterless motto,

Now, I just need excuses to break out my laptop in public places.

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