My Laptop Is Stickerized!

Thanks to all the drum corps mystery boxes and bags I bought during the pandemic, I’ve amassed quite the collection of stickers. Unfortunately, I haven’t really had anywhere to stick them….until now. Along with stickers from the Boston Crusaders, the Blue Stars, and Intermission, I also have a couple stickers from Potterless, a great podcast… Continue reading My Laptop Is Stickerized!

Drum Corps International Mystery Bundle Reveal

Now that we’ve resolved our tie for second, let’s take a look at what came in the other 2nd place bundle from Drum Corps International. This is the third of four mystery bundles I’ve purchased. You can check out the first two I’ve opened here (Boston Crusaders) and here (Phantom Regiment). It’s a pretty standard… Continue reading Drum Corps International Mystery Bundle Reveal

Boston Crusaders Mystery Bundle Reveal

With the end of the non-existent 2020 North American drum corps season, a few corps and Drum Corps International had the fun idea of offering some of their merchandise in mystery bundles or boxes. This was a great way to clear out stock from previous seasons in preparation for 2021 merchandise (we hope), bring in… Continue reading Boston Crusaders Mystery Bundle Reveal