2022 Goal – 2022 Winking Lizard World Tour Of Beers

The 2022 tour card!

Here we go again…

For five years, I was able to earn my Winking Lizard World Tour of Beers jacket, signifying my achievement of drinking 100 unique beers over that calendar year. I even managed to earn the 150 beer “stretch goal” of a very comfortable hoodie in 2019, the last year I accomplished my goal.

Then COVID happened. 2020 and 2021 were both pretty much washes as restaurants like Winking Lizard switched to carry out and curbside service, before we were able to vaccinate and start to work towards stopping COVID, a fight which continues now.

In 2022, I return to the tour and start my goal to get a new jacket to add to my collection. Tonight, I drink my first beers of the tour.

Come join me in my quest!


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