Drum Corps International Mystery Bundle Reveal

Now that we’ve resolved our tie for second, let’s take a look at what came in the other 2nd place bundle from Drum Corps International. This is the third of four mystery bundles I’ve purchased. You can check out the first two I’ve opened here (Boston Crusaders) and here (Phantom Regiment).

It’s a pretty standard bundle, similar to Boston’s and Blue Stars, which will be my final bundle. Inside, we find…


I have to resist the urge to throw it out of the way…

This ensemble arrived just in time for me to mow the lawn this weekend in full DCI mode.

And, if it gets cold, I have this long sleeve hooded shirt as an option. They thought of everything!

Well, this may not be part of the lawn care regalia…

Still, I can now add DCI to my “business casual” wardrobe.

If you’re smart, never EVER let me hit this. Golf club, baseball bat, or even a tree branch. Nothing good will come of it. I promise you.

And that’s the DCI bundle. A pretty quick reveal and, so far, the only one which did not contain any media. Not that I expected any, but a replacement DVD from 1981 would have been awesome.

One more to go! Watch for my Blue Stars mystery bundle reveal soon!

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